Scary Stranger 3D

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Bob always gets mischievous when he comes across strangers. An old man moved near his house. Rumor has it that he was a school teacher once. It’s been Bob's dream to tease a teacher all his life. The stranger looks suspicious and scary. No one knows his name and where he came from, Only known fact about him is that once he was a teacher. Everyone is scared of him except bob. He lives an isolated life and does not socialize with anyone.

It’s now a perfect opportunity for Bob to tease the new neighbor. Life has become boring for Bob as his mischievous instincts are looking for some fun but his activities are no more a secret for the people of his town. His new target is a scary stranger and it’s for sure that strange things are about to happen in Bobville.

Do you feel bored and want to have some fun. Help Bob in completing playful tasks and create problems for the stranger. Let’s see how naughty you are. This game is scary and fun at the same time.

• High Quality 3D Graphics!
• Amazing Sounds!
• Smooth and Easy Controls!
• Interesting activities!
• Direction map and Hints!
• Addictive

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  1. 다운로 한 APK 파일 설치
  2. "com.zatg.scaryneighbor.hellgame"폴더를 추하여 "Android / Obb /"에 복사합
  3. 앱을 시작 기세요


Grumpy throws garbage on kids from the cannon, get his cannon to rather throw him in the dumpster truck!

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apk 다운로드 - 65 MB
zip 다운로드 - 755 MB
apk 다운로드 - 40 MB
zip 다운로드 - 699 MB

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