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  • Grimguard Tactics Logo b
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    Grimguard Tactics: End of Legends 0.4.7 APK

    Grimguard Tactics: End of Legends is an epic, dark fantasy RPG with an expansive Hero summon and turn-based tactics style gameplay.The Primorva, an ancient evil, has awoken and to save the world of Terenos you must recruit and band together its most powerful, legendary, and dangerous forces in attempt to drive back the oncoming darkness. […] More

  • Cooking Voyage Logo b
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    Cooking Voyage – 크레이지 셰프의 레스토랑 대시 게임 1.6.4 APK + MOD + DATA

    🍩빠르게 진행되는 인기 무료 요리게임을 좋아하시나요?🍰인기 시간 관리 게임들을 미칠 듯이 좋아하세요?🚢내 자신의 요트를 개조해서 전세계를 여행하며 나만의 레스토랑 제국을 건설하고 싶으세요?대답이 "YES"라면, 인기 무료 게임 Cooking Voyage – Crazy Chef's Restaurant Dash Game은 바로 이러한 시간 관리 게임이자 요리 게임 입니다. 무료 요리게임을 다운로드 & 플레이하세요! ✨배고픈 손님들에게 요리를 만들어 주고🍳, 또한 나만의 유니크한 […] More

  • Zwart Black Icon Pack
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    Zwart – Black Icon Pack 21.3.1 APK

    *You need a custom launcher to apply this icon pack*▶ Features• 6736 icons • Wallpapers• More than 29000 apps covered • Dynamic Calendar Icon support ▶ Supported launchersADW, Holo, Lawnchair, Lucid, Niagara, Nova, OnePlus, Posidon, Smart, Solo, Square Home, TSFApply through launcher settings:Evie, Hyperion, Lens, Lightning, Microsoft, Miui, Poco, Trebuchet, Xperia, Yandex, Zen UI.Icon pack […] More

  • ImageMeter Pro photo measure 1
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    ImageMeter Pro-key (PRO) 3.5.12 APK

    *** Instead of downloading this Pro version of the app, please download the free version from here: and use the in-app upgrade. ***———————————————————————–With ImageMeter, you can annotate your photos with length measurements, angles, areas, and text notes. That is much easier and self-explaining than drawing only a sketch. Take photos in buildings to plan […] More

  • KMPlayer Plus
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    KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) – 비디오 플레이어 & 음악 플레이어 31.02.261 APK

    ▶ KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec)는 Divx 코덱을 공식지원합니다.지원하지 않는 코덱을 꼭 참고해 주세요.< 지원하는 코덱 >Avi File : DXMF, DX50, DIVX, DIV4, DIV3, MP4VMKV File : DX50, DIV3, DIVX, DIV4, MP4V< 지원하지 않는 코덱 >Codec name : DTS, EAC3, TrueHDFour CC : eac3, mlp, trhd, dts, dtsb, dtsc, dtse, dtsh, dtsl, ms< 지원하는 자막 형식 […] More

  • Default App Manager 1

    Default App Manager 2.0.6 APK

    Default App Manager is a tool that facilitates the management of predetermined applications.Manage default applications when launch an action or opening a file.With Defaul App Manager, it facilitates the management of the default apps established on your Android device.Default Action Apps: Set the default application to send or receive emails, surf the internet, app to […] More

  • LEDBlinker Notifications Lo 1
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    LED Blinker Notifications Lite AoD-Manage lights💡 8.1.2 APK

    Let LED Blinker Notifications show your missed calls, SMS and Gmail messages. If you have no hardware led, the screen is used.Only some applications are supported by the lite version, see advantages of the full version below!All apps are supported in the full version.It is possible to remove the ADS (see the button at the […] More

  • Vera Icon Pack Beta Release Logo
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    Vera Icon Pack 3.4 APK

    Vera icon pack is a set of colourful icons with modern gradient icons, made for both dark wallpapers and dark setups in general. It goes perfectly on dark and amoled walls and we are sure that if you are a fan of dark setups and glyph icons, Vera will be your favourite!Pack contains1.600 icons25 wallpapers […] More

  • Worms 3 Android

    Worms 3 2.1.705708 APK + MOD + DATA

    Now available for Android, Worms3 is the latest in the award-winning series. Worms is a chaotic turn-based strategy game laced with dark humour.DEAL yourself the advantage with a new, game-changing enhancement. Turn on the card mode and alter the start and end of each turn by the playing of strategic cards. COLLECT in-game rewards that […] More

  • Sliced Icon Pack Logo
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    Sliced Icon Pack 1.8.4 APK

    Sliced Icons is a fresh Material Design icon pack with precisely sliced out icons and a vibrant color palette. Gives your UI a consistent and colorful look. Each icon is crafted with perfection and follows Google's Material Design languageFEATURES• 2165 beautifully crafted icons (Regularly updated)• Material design inspired icons• 20 cloud based wallpapers• Folder icons• […] More

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