Elements KWGT

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Ever dreamed of the perfect homescreen?

Elements is a widget pack designed to suit your needs. These customizable widgets combine usability with minimal and highly flexible design. Your Android will never look and feel the same!

- minimalistic widgets with wonderful design variety
- diversity of features - time, date, system info widgets & more
- easy color customization for most of the widgets with just a few taps
- 200+ designs to choose from in total

How to use it
- Install Kustom KWGT
- Open the app and select 'Load Preset' from sidebar menu
- Choose the widget you like and click save
- If the size doesn't fit your screen adjust it in 'layer' setting available from the main widget menu
- Feel free to experiment and enjoy a whole new look of your homescreen!

Elements is not a standalone app. You need KWGT Pro in order to use provided widgets and make any changes to them. Always use KWGT installed from Play Store and not patched Pro version of the app from 3rd party websites!


Update 9.7.4 is here! What's new?

- widget 134 redesigned
- widgets 13, 104, 135 and 136 improved visually while maintaining their overall design
- color customization via global switch added for widget 13, 134, 135 and 136
- new naming scheme for widgets from 134 to 136 and soon to be implemented for the rest
- 220 widgets in total

Enjoy! 🤍

Elements KWGT 다운로드

apk 다운로드 - 49 MB

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