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GIF 메이커, 비디오를 GIF 편집기로 에 대한 설명

GIF Maker, Video To GIF is a powerful GIF Creator, GIF Editor and GIF Converter that help you easily to create, manage, convert, edit GIF files in high quality.
GIF Maker supports has all editing functions: manage frame, change speed, cut, crop, color adjuster, color filter, add sticker, text, draw. And more importantly, the app has no watermark.

The main feature of GIF Maker, Video To GIF:

GIF Maker, GIF Creator
Video To GIF - Convert Video to GIF file, like MP4 to GIF.
Photo To GIF - Combine multiple images to create GIF file
Camera To GIF - Capture Video by Camera and convert to GIF
Screen Record To GIF - Record screen and make GIF

GIF Editor Tools
GIF frame management
Change GIF frame rate/speed
Crop GIF to different resolution
Rotate GIF file
Color Filter and Color adjuster
GIF decoration - you can add sticker, text or draw into GIF

GIF Manager
Manages GIF albums, GIF files
Edit, Delete or Compress GIF files
Share you GIF with everyone on social networks

GIF Converter
GIF To Images: Extract GIF frames and convert them to PNG or Jpeg
GIF To Video, GIF To MP4: Convert GIF to Mp4 format.

Thanks for using GIF Maker, Video To GIF.
If there is any issue, please send us a feedback by email.


Fix issue green line at bottom of GIF

GIF 메이커, 비디오를 GIF 편집기로 링크 최신버전

apk 다운로드 - 14 MB

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