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Image to text - Text scanner 에 대한 설명

This Text scanner from image uses an advanced OCR process to recognize, scan, and Extract text from images precisely. It lets your mobile work as a Text extractor from image and translator as well. With this OCR scanner app, it becomes easy to Scan and read text from images and scanned document files.

You can find that this Image to text converter enables swift scanning and text extraction accurately without huge manual intervention. Based on a full-fledged solution, you can Scan text from images, receipts, invoices, notes, documents, photos, business cards, whiteboards and more) with this Best image to text scanner app.

In addition to that, this OCR text converter entertains with a Pen to print function that helps to convert Handwriting to text recognizer swiftly. Just a couple of taps are required to convert scanned handwritten notes into digital text format. Once you get the extracted text from this picture to text app, you can proceed with editing and searching concerns. Install this Text scanner OCR app on your Android device right now to convert image to text scanner while maintaining the formatting.

Highlighted Features :
This text scanner OCR app packed with certain features including:

✨ Accurate OCR scanning
✨ Clear & organized interface
✨ Support image to text conversions for all images and scanned files
✨ Export OCR extracted text in multiple formats
✨ Just couple of taps to Scan to text and make extraction without any hassle
✨ Supports multilingual files
✨ Process editing for extracted text
✨ Flip & Rotate image after uploading
✨ Pen to Print scanning and extraction, means you can make Handwriting to text converter
✨ Allow to copy extracted text to clipboard
✨ Share the converted OCR scanner file with a single go
✨ Rename the saved file
✨ Processed files are saved for the record, you can use it again by this OCR text scanner app. Even you can edit and update them as your preference
✨ Translate the converted (extracted) text into more than 60 languages
✨ Text to speech into 40+ languages for the converted text

Get bulk Text scans, Ad-free experience and different PDF conversion tools by subscribing to the Pro plan.

Say goodbye to retyping the text manually from the picture, give a try to this Fast image to text converter and let it make Text extraction from image in an instant. Despite that, this Word scanner image to text is an ultimate choice to grab all characters from text containing photos or scanned files.

This Photo to text scanner app use machine learning Text recognition OCR technology to recognise text on pictures, pdf file with high quality and high accuracy.

Stay Productive and commence digitizing your knowledge with this Best OCR scanner app.


- 여러 이미지를 한 번에 스캔
- 이미지에서 텍스트 앱의 안정성 향상
- 손으로 쓴 텍스트 스캔
- 더 많은 PDF 도구 추가
- 정확한 OCR 텍스트 스캐너
- 사용자 경험 향상
- 새로운 장치 지원
- 버그 수정

Image to text - Text scanner 링크 최신버전

apk 다운로드 - 37 MB

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